For engineering we adopted SOLID WORKS 3D modellers for our own products, we can provide tailor made projects even using SOLID EDGE 3D modeller and any other exchange file.

Style, Design, Engineering, Qualification, R&D, Rapid prototyping, Sales engineering consultancy

To complement our engineering activities we can support our customers in achieving CE Marking for their products.
Due to the long experience in the aerospace and railway industries we can develop kitchen configurations tailored on customerís needs taking in the highest priority the possibility to achieve a streamlined logistic process, to the staff safety and comfort as well as easier maintenance.
  • We adopted SOLID WORKS 3D modellers for our own products;
  • We can communicate in Italian, English, French and Spanish.
  • We can support our customers in achieving CE Marking.
Regardless of whether we work for a product of our own or to respond to the customerís request, every product or project sees style and design as the first challenges to be faced to trace the boundary of the activities to make any new equipment.
From style to product: we go through the search for new solutions, materials and finishes to be harmoniously balanced in the engineering of each new equipment.
For this we use the solid modeling software DASSULT SYSTEMES SOLIDWORKS
Our experience allows us to take care of defining the most appropriate configuration of catering systems for use on board trains and airplanes.
Our goals are to make the most of the available space, facilitate logistic activities and operations on board in total safety and maximum comfort.
The knowledge of the market, the products and the processes allows us to support customers in finding the proper supplier for any kind of material and equipment to be used on board for the catering system.
We range from galley inserts to food an beverages