Engineerethics is a design and engineering consultancy based in Italy. Our team design and engineer all aspects of airline and railway catering systems: configuration, equipment, trolley, galley inserts, amenities and passengerís comfort products. In addition we can supply any element related to the catering on board, either our own design or as distributor. We support product selection and supplier management.
We can provide style, design, engineering and supply of tailormade equipment such as trolleys, galley inserts, style and design as well as configuration studies for galleys and kitchens to be installed on board trains.
Cooperating with different manufacturers of high-grade trolleys and galley inserts worldwide we can supply from a small coffee cup to fully certified trolleys accompanied by its own EASA Form One certificate.
We can provide services and products in the Catering Industry for Airplanes and Trains.
We can provide trade fair design with distinctive appearance in easily self-deployable stand.
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