With the aim to provide our customers with the widest range of solutions we have a portfolio of cooperations to be able to supply a diversified list of material and equipments and for some of them we are the distributor on our market and for specific markets.
Lithium power supply
Engineerethics is one of the distributor for the CLAYTON POWER LPS power supply we used for the coffee trolleys currently in service on 70 trolleys for the italian railways High Speed FRECCIA ROSSA.
AUGUST LUNDH Service on board
Engineerethics is one of the distributor for the AUGUST LUNDH service on board material and galley inserts or ATLAS and KSSU users. Their catalogue is a full of high end material for the service on board.
Starting from 2016 we have identified in EGRET AVIATION our sole partner for the production of airline compliant trolleys and galley inserts and we developed our parnership in both direction. We have worked on the style and developement of new EGRET cart M1 on display at WTCE 2019.