Since its first day of activity, Engineerethics has invested in product innovation. Working closely with the catering operators is a source of inspiration to propose new ideas and solutions to make work more efficient and profitable. Onboard activity is supported by a strong logistic chain to which our products and services are called to contribute.
We have seen that our ideas have shifted to products and services several years after which we started working on them. This can be sometime frustrating but we look at this as a proof of the fact that in some circumstances we can be able to anticipate demands and therefore being ready to answer to customer’s requirements immediately.
Light Emitting Drawer
Simple, integrate a led strip into a polycarbonate drawer to augment visibility of the product or to the trolley with its drawers, e.g. on an overnight flight. The possibility to use RGB led strips is a further inspiration to use light to communicate the content of each drawer. They can increase warmness and feeling of comfort without disturbing sleeping people. The use of batteries as a source of energy for the led strips does not request any connection to the environment in which the drawers are used. They are totally independent and the batteries themselves can be either normal AA or specific power banks.
From style to product: we go through the search for new solutions, materials and finishes to be harmoniously balanced in the engineering of each new equipment. The use of an ATLAS HS carts can be limitative in terms of volume and space on its worktop but in certain environment, depending from the quantity of passengers to be served, a smaller solution, centred on the only espresso coffee delivery can be a plus. We want to get our proposal always more flexible and open to be contaminated by material, finishing and equipment taken from other environments and transferred to the railway industry in an effort to be proactive.
In an ATLAS half size cart we integrated a tablet to get advertisement or menu in an eye-catching configuration. At its first presentation the answer was :”we have never seen before such a trolley!”. The trolleys are the backbone of logistic, they are boxes on wheels. Mere hardware that during their life are very roughly treated. We try to add “soul” to them. Adding technology, visibility and versatility using every single millimetres to incorporate more functionalities and the capacity to deliver more from the same usual element. The idea to be provocative with this cart was centred. From there onward we have continued to add technology to our proposal.ration
NEWREST came to us in 2012 to involve us in their project to answer to the SNCF launched “boite a idee” to gather from operators new ideas on the service on board. We developed many idea and concepts. Renovation of the bar on board. Addition of interactivity to buy products, the possibility to be more efficient in delivering products in every train location, either by a trolley, here an heavily modified ATLAS FS cart with bigger wheels, bumpers, customised livery and even coffee machine. We propose the use of specific vending machines. An heavily modified ATLAS FS cart with bigger wheels, bumpers, customised livery and even coffee machine.
Managing vending machines onboard trains is complicate business.
They can be not in service, empty, loaded but not on the right train (e.g. train retired from the line for malfunction) with the needs to download the products and refill another vending. Risk of vandalism on some trains overnight in remote depots area.
The idea is to use a really dedicated vending with its handling trolley to get it in and off in short time arranging on the train quick mechanical and electrical/electronic connections.