Trolleys are the backbone of logistics on board transport vehicles. Designed to use all the various galley inserts defined for the different std in service (ATLAS, KSSU, ACE etc.) they are available in different configurations and sizes as used by the market. They exist in a light std version. or lightened. They can be supplied with chromatic personalizations and with accessories suitable to increase the customerís recognisability as well as to respond to the different conditions of use in all the markets of the world.
The containers are the upper multiple of a drawer. They are used for the storage of not particularly heavy materials in the higher areas of the galleys. Made entirely of light alloy, they can be simply anodised or even have the door painted like the trolleys or even the decoration applied by sublimation. These too, like drawers and trolleys exist according to the std. ATLAS or KSSU.
Oven racks and trays are made of aluminium alloy with anodization finishing. They can be provided in ATLAS and KSSU dimensions with the possibility to get the branding embossed either on trays and on racks. for specific requirements racks and trays can be proposed according to specific dimensions. They can be industrially washed.
Drawer in a standardized logistics system represents what a single brick is for lego. It is the unit of measurement that through its multiples and submultiples is used for the division of products, their transport, storage and distribution on board an airplane but also of a train. We have all the possible configurations in terms of materials (PC, ABS, PP, ALU), dimensions and standards (ATLAS, KSSU, ACE etc.)