Maggio 31, 2019

World Travel Catering Expo 2019

2019 marks our 6th year of presence at this fair in Hamburg.

The new TRAIN CLIMBER will be the at the centre of our display. It’s a product developed to support the operations on board double decker trains without the support of any infrastructure on the platform. The operator will be able to load the trolley on board train and to climb it to the upper deck of the train.

Alongside the TRAIN CLIMBER will display our consolidated products like the sales trolley with its superior safety and comfort.

Our patented lift system that will be on display integrated in an ATLAS Full Size trolley alongside the power pack and electrical system integrate in more than 70 coffee trolleys in service on Italian Railways VHS fleet of FRECCIAROSSA.

We will have SAFE TROLLEY with its unique mechanical locking system to protect any valuable material loaded in its drawers.

We will have on display a decorated trolley with a very robust material perfect suited for use onboard trains, in fact the trolley will sport the ITALO livery identical to those delivered in 2018.

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