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Maggio 31, 2019

World Travel Catering Expo 2019

2019 marks our 6th year of presence at this fair in Hamburg. The new TRAIN CLIMBER will be the at the centre of our display. It’s a product developed to support the operations on board double decker trains without the support of any infrastructure on the platform. The operator will be able to load the […]

Maggio 31, 2019

New product at WTCE 2019

This year in Hamburg we will be unveiling a new trolley. Its name alone reveals its functioning, it is called TRAIN CLIMBER. It is designed as a trolley that will allow a single operator to get on a train and reach the upper floor in total autonomy. We are waiting for you from 2 to […]

Maggio 31, 2019

Test on board

The tests on board trains are necessary to validate each project. moving in the environment in which a trolley will have to operate every day in the hands of operators of all ages, sex and build is certainly the hardest test to overcome. It should also be added that each train has its own characteristics […]

Marzo 12, 2019

Cooperation Agreenent

We are delighted to have discovered the LPS, which is to us the solution to feed on board our trolley. It is a robust system that we have selected to be used on the new coffee trolleys that will be in service on baord of the high-speed trains in service in Italy. We selected this […]